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Hooser at Sept. 9, 2012 event:
Experience/Accomplishments, Act 55 PLDC, Drug Abuse/Treatment, Coco Palms Hotel, Food & Energy Security, Pesticide/Herbicide Issues

On 2491, the chemical companies' agenda and the little island that could

At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai - Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai
L-R: Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser

The Hooser Story
Above: complete 30 minute version of "The Hooser Story".
Hear remarks from Claudette, Kelli-Rose, Dylan Hooser
and community leaders from around the State. Produced in 2010

Click here to watch edited 6 minute version

GaryHooser's Blog
Thoughts, Analysis and Ramblings

January 17, 2015
Where There Is Smoke -
The glimmering coals of a campfire in the mountains, barbequing shrimp and ribs (with cold beer in hand) in the front yard with family and friends and ringing in the new year in front of a roaring bonfire on the … Continue reading

November 30, 2014
The Hawaii Movement – Catalyzing Change, Empowering Communities – The H.A.P.A. Plan
Aloha, As President of the Board of Directors for the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (H.A.P.A.). I would like to invite you to join our movement for change and to help if you can. http://www.hapahi.org We are at a particularly … Continue reading

November 16, 2014
Doing the Hooser Happy Dance (s), The Maui Miracle and More
The Kauai County Council election is an “at large election” with the top 7 vote getters being elected to serve as councilmember’s. At 9:45pm on Tuesday the 4th of November I was sitting solidly at #11 and essentially looking for … Continue reading

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