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Hooser Speaks at Sept. 9 event:
Experience/Accomplishments, Act 55 PLDC, Drug Abuse/Treatment, Coco Palms Hotel, Food & Energy Security, Pesticide/Herbicide Issues

The Hooser Story
Above: complete 30 minute version of "The Hooser Story".
Hear remarks from Claudette, Kelli-Rose, Dylan Hooser
and community leaders from around the State.

Click here to watch edited 6 minute version

At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai - Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai
L-R: Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser
At the Capitol - Dylan Hooser, Gary Hooser and Kelli-Rose Hooser At the Capitol
L-R: Dylan Hooser, Gary Hooser and Kelli-Rose Hooser

GaryHooser's Blog
Thoughts, Analysis and Ramblings

February 21, 2014
Reading SB2777 – Another attempt to preempt and weaken local authority
For those that are interested: Here is my analysis of that portion of SB2777 that results in the preemption of the County authority to regulate agriculture. Hearing is scheduled for Thursday Feb. 27.  Please submit testimony in opposition to YOUR … Continue reading

January 20, 2014
On Preemption: Carrying The Water For Monsanto In Hawaii – An Open Letter To State Legislators
Dear Legislator, I know how busy you are and that you are dealing with a myriad of issues important to the State of Hawaii, so I will cut to the chase. Taking away County authority to regulate agriculture and/or pesticides … Continue reading

December 22, 2013
The Often Not Very Pretty Process Of Lawmaking
The passage of Bill 2491 into law requiring the largest chemical companies in the world to disclose their pesticide use and prohibiting the use of these chemicals near Kauai schools, hospitals and homes or face criminal penalties – is a … Continue reading

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