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Syngenta Shareholders Meeting Slideshow

On April 28th, in the city of Basel Switzerland, Gary spoke at the annual shareholders meeting of the transnational corporation and chemical giant, Syngenta,

He spoke from the podium directly to the Syngenta Board of Directors and the nearly 1,000 Shareholders in attendance.

His message was clear and unambiguous. He asked them to withdraw from their lawsuit against the County of Kauai, to honor and follow our laws, and to give our community the same respect and protections afforded to the people in their home country of Switzerland.

He pointed out that their company Syngenta uses highly toxic Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP’s) in our community, including atrazine, paraquat and 4 others that they are forbidden by law from using in their own country.

The Swiss supported his efforts with a march and a bill introduced to their government.